Gasping Thin Air‘.  ‘Mountain Adventures of the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society’.

Author Jo Bradwell.

 ‘Great science, pioneering medicine, fine writing, and striking illustrations combine to make this a unique, distinguished, and important addition to mountaineering literature. Here is the story of how medics who love high places transformed our understating of the effects of altitude and the effectiveness of treatments. Rarely has science been so dramatic’.

Professor Sir David Eastwood 
Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Birmingham

An account of 15 major expeditions to the great mountains of the world, numerous alpine adventures and big walks. 450pp, 300 colour photographs, 100 line drawings and 16 detailed colour maps. Available now for £30 (was £40).

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The Top 500 Summits

Author Barry Smith.

Barry is a keen hillwalker and climber who has been on a number of BMRES expeditions including Testa Grigia, the Bob Graham Round and Monte Perdido. Having finished the Munros in 2004, he decided to complete and write about the Top 500 Summits in Britain and Ireland with a drop of 500 ft on all sides. These include most of the Munros (some do not have a 500 ft drop), all the Corbetts and 70 mountains in England, Wales and Ireland. The highest mountain on the list is Ben Nevis (4,411 ft), the lowest is Knockanaffrin in Ireland (2,477 ft). Only nine people, including Barry, have registered as having completed all 500, but many more are close. Barry was helped by others who contributed to the book including BMRES members, Jo Bradwell and Kyle Pattinson (Kyle took the picture of the ‘Castle of the Winds’, pictured).  

Please contact Barry at if you would like to purchase a copy of the book (£20 including P&P).

40 years of Publications by the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society

Second Edition

1976 – 2016

Preface by Professor John West:

“It is a pleasure to contribute a preface to this compilation of articles on altitude medicine published by the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society (BMRES). Of course I have been aware of articles published by this group for a number of years, but even so I was astonished to see the extent of the full collection. There must be few groups that have been so productive over a period of nearly 40 years. The variety of the research projects is impressive. I can think of few academic groups that have had the tenacity to contribute continuously to altitude medical research over such a long period.  It is all the more impressive that this large body of work has been created by a relatively small group at a medical school. Expeditions to high altitude, including those few that have research as their principal objective, have generally become somewhat commercial with large amounts of funding and a high public profile that is needed to generate the necessary support. It is much to the credit of the BMRES that they have been able to produce such a large body of valuable research without a distasteful money-raising campaign. I salute the BMRES for their outstanding contributions over a period of 40 years, and I am grateful to them for the enterprise in bringing this collection of articles together in this fine book.”

John West MD, PhD, DSc. 
Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Physiology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego, USA

Walking the Alps from the Mediterranean to Adriatic

Author Ian MacLennan.

This traverse of the European alps starts at Menton on the Mediterranean coast and follows the French-Italian and then French-Swiss boarder hills to Lake Geneva. The route continues through the Swiss Alps crossing the Bernese Oberland and Bernina Alps before entering the Südtyrol. Here the journey traverses the Ortler range and the Dolomites to their north- eastern limit near the Austrian border. The final 11 days head South through the magnificent Veneto Dolomites to Vittorio-Veneto where the hills fall to the plain around Venice. This 82-day walk, undertaken by 5 BMRES members, covers 1500km with 107,00m ascent. Much of the route is off the beaten track. Sufficient detail is given for a reader to be able to complete the walk in manageable stages and find lodging and a meal each night. 

The extensively illustrated book is available from Amazon in paperback. It is also available in Kindle form:

Mountains of the Provençal Rim

Multi-day walks in the Cévennes, Diois Hills, Vercors, Écrins, Queyras, Chambeyron, and Maritime Alps.

Author Ian MacLennan.

Surrounding the region of Provence in southeastern France are a series of eight mountain ranges. These magnificent and varied hills offer memorable walks in the absence of the crowds, frequently encountered in the Alps to the north. The seven multi-day walks described in this book were undertaken by 5 BMRES members. They cover 1,363km with 95,100m ascent in 72 days of walking. Only a relatively light pack is required, as lodgings with board are identified for the end of each day’s walk.

This extensively illustrated and mapped book is obtainable from Amazon in paperback. It is also available in a Kindle versions:çal-Rim-Multi-day-Chambeyron/dp/1979955646

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